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    Post Can somebody PLEASE correct my essay?

    Its an argumentive essay on illegal immigrants. I'm against it.
    Please everybody you're critics help!!!

    Contribute to Society, Or Go Home
    In San Diego it has become almost second nature for public school teachers to have the student present at parent/teacher conference, due to a language barrier. The average wage for low skilled jobs such as janitorial work, gardening and grocery clerk jobs has decrease and the number of welfare recipients increased. Did you know that there are approximately 5.3 million undocumented immigrants, 57% from Mexico, in the United States? How about that 12 billion dollars are spent on educating children, majority those here illegally, struggling to keep up in school? It has become harder for American citizens to move up the economic ladder due to the cost and increase in illegal immigrants. Now illegal immigrants are forcing the government to become bilingual and demanding Spanish be a requirement in schools and government positions, in order to even communicate. Have they lost their minds? Illegal immigration is negatively affecting U.S. culture and citizenship. Illegal immigrants are coming to America for the sole purpose of finding jobs, which is acceptable and permit able with the proper documentation and as long as they contribute to the welfare of society, like all the immigrants before them. But this is not happening. Immigrant that come to the US illegally don’t pay taxes, don’t require effort from their children placed in public school systems and do not even learn to speak English, this is causing public frustration.
    Illegal immigrants are placing their children into the public school systems but are neglecting to push them to learn the material. In the article “Why Americans Hate This “Immigration” Debate” Herbert Meyer argues that immigration is not problematic, he states that it is when illegal immigrants lack of respect for American values and laws; that is when it creates a problem. He writes “ They put their children in our schools, but don’t always demand as much from them…they aren’t playing by the rules that our families played by when they immigrated…this behavior us deeply - very deeply – offensive.” According to Meyer’s statement illegal immigrants are offending many American citizens with their lack of respect for values and tradition which will eventually divide the United States as a whole nation.
    In most of the school districts throughout the states, the children of illegal aliens constitute approximately 50 percent of the student population causing the schools spend millions of dollars on programs and tests for students whose primary language is anything apart from English take the CELDT (California English Language Development Test). If a parent or guardian checks a box on the enrollment form that another language is primarily spoken in the household, the child must be given the CELDT each year to determine their capability in an English class, even if the child speaks fluent English. The No Child Left Behind Act was instated for children unable to comprehend material quickly enough to pass on the next grade level, illegal immigrants, which is yet another stress to the United States budget. Illegal immigrants are pulling funds from the schools budget to gain health insurance and free lunches funds that average American citizens do not qualify to receive. The lack of formal education and determination by illegal immigrant children in public school systems will ultimately lead to unprecedented poverty in the United States.
    Illegal immigrants are neglecting to learn and speak English in the United States, creating a huge language barrier that separates their culture from the American culture. In the article “To Reunite a Nation” Patrick Buchanan argues that immigration has put a permanent mark upon American culture. He discussed how divided citizens are due to the disrespect of “the way things have always been in America for foreigners”, as far as learning median language. Illegal immigrants are choosing to be in separate groups and special language programs that set even more apart from American mainstream. He states ”It is far easier to look the other way when the person who needs help does not speak the same language, or share a common culture or common history” This is making social progress in America very difficult. Buchanan predicts that with the way the nation is headed the undocumented immigrants will build separate ethnic nations within the nation as a whole.
    America was built on the basis that anyone can come in the hopes of becoming a citizen and gain freedom, America is credited for have a melting pot of various ethnicities under one nation. Key word: one nation. An illegal alien who is marching and carrying around a Mexican flag has no goose bumps and feels nothing when visiting Gettysburg. They will not gaze upon American soil and "take pleasure in her stones and favor the dust thereof." They do not cheer for Americans in a soccer game against Mexico, even with the game being in America. Illegal immigrants do not appreciate or understand the forefathers who built this country, they only ask what America can do for them. Illegal immigrants do not desire to be American citizens, they use resources and in return contribute nothing to society.The economy suffers, illegal aliens have sent over 200 billion U.S. dollars back home since 1996.They contribute to the high violence rate and falling wages in the low skill jobs. With so many illegal immigrant costing the states money due to the various reasons, it will ultimately lead the United States to poverty.
    Not all illegal immigrants are toxic to American society. Some illegal immigrants occupy the low paying jobs that most Americans do not want, but are crucial to welfare of society. Others own small business’ employing some citizens redistributing wealth in America. Even though it is taxing on our government all illegal immigrants benefit the healthiness of our population due to the low birth rate of citizens. The vast majority of illegal immigrants are problematic to American cultures and values due to their lack of willingness to contribute to the economy, the school system and United States well being as a whole.
    In conclusion American culture and citizenship are being negatively affected due to illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are drying up American resources and refusing to learn the common language established by the forefathers who built this country. It is frustrating Americans because of the stress on the economy due to the increase in population and no increasing in contribution. Americans are forced to work harder with no available increase in compensation and most aren’t even qualified for the assistance that illegal immigrants have access to. Illegal immigration has increased since the Immigration Act of 1965 and because of this it is up to the United States government to act immediately and sternly about the issue at hand. They need to control the amount of immigrant allotted in the country and not turn away for fear of causing a riot. If no action is taken it is the citizens of the United States that will reap and America as we know it will crumble at the hands of over population and under production.

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    Re: Can somebody PLEASE correct my essay?

    You seriously need to do a spell and grammar check on this paper. You also need to learn the appropriate way to cite your sources. There is an abundance of material on the MLA and APA formats on the web. You also make a lot of undocumented statements in your paper. You need to cite your sources. I would probably not use political pundits like Pat Buchanan but would instead focus on journals and studies done regarding illegal immigration to make your points.

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