Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expression in bold in the following sentences?

If to mince his meaning, I had other omitted some part of what he said, or taken from the strength of his expectation, I certainly had wrongen him.

mince = to suppress or weaken the force of

You have either omitted some circumstances, or minced or changed them in such a manner that I do hardly know mine own work.

mince = minimize; disparage; palliate, extenuate

It was a comical sight to see her mince along.

He didn't mince matters with me.

mince = to walk with very short steps or with exaggerated primness

I’ll give kids a square bashing, East Ender Mike’s warning to soap stars who go off rails.

bashing = a harsh, gratuitous, prejudicial attack on a person, group or subject

We tend to accept our world as being pretty much unchanging as far as our comfortable lives are concerned. Banks will always have money to lend, airlines will always be able to get you from a to b, governments will always be able to muddle through with a temporary fix when short term hitches crop up.

The British usually muddle through somehow.

muddle through = to push on to a favorable outcome in a disorganized way = to achieve a degree of success without much planning or effort = manage in one way or other = cope one way or another
one way or another = somehow, in some fashion

We were just muddling through when James was offered this wonderful job.

muddle through = scrape through or along, contrive well, make do, get by, get along

Thank you for your efforts.