Our primary goal is to prepare the owners of our future for life with the help of you and our experts’ hard work within the framework of a great leader’s objectives.
Especially, the most responsive decision,that we must take, is our children’s education. We have to make the most correct choice to determine their future.At this point our schools is opening their doors to you. It’s enough to come to our school and talk with responsible people. We are confident that our school will be your choice.
Thank you for your interest in our organizations and after successful year we want to open new horizons with students, teachers, parents and administrations to the next the academic year.
You can find the principles of our registration period from our catalog.
According to an agreement with Insurance Co., all our students take out emergency health insurance.
Emergency health insurance is valid 7days and 24 hours in the education period.
Emergency health insurance covers services, such as ambulance services, outpatient and inpatient services.
Emergency health insurance gives medical advice for seven days and 24 hour.
Emergency health Insurance is valid for students with ID card in contracted agencies.
Registration Process;
Each new student wishing to enroll in our school is taken Placement Exam. Our Counseling and Guidance Services recognize students by having conversations face to face . After positive conversations they are directed to make registration by school management