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    Smile I want to learn how to write good essays

    can you advice me how to write good essays, I am willing to put sometime for some tutoring. Please help

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    Re: I want to learn how to write good essays

    What sort of essays are you writing?

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    Re: I want to learn how to write good essays

    Forgive me. My English is so poor. I hope you can understand. I have some ideas about two types of essay that we usually write:1. Story 2. Thesis(I hope it's a correct word)

    What do you want to write? A fun day, a accident, a story of you or mystery. Whatever it's. Just pick up your pen to write what you are dreaming or thinking. Never, never care about how bad your sentences you are writing in the first draft. Write down your ideas. Maybe it's short. Maybe it's long. After you finish your first draft, you should read that again. When you are checking, ask yourself, "When?", "Where?", "Who?", "What happen?", "How's that?" (I am talking about general stories) in your whole story.
    "When" and "where", is the background of the story. It's very important. I think these two things always change in the same time in the story, so if you write the time (or place) changing, you also can put in a few words about the palce (or the time). You can use a few words or one or two sentences, even you can use one paragraph to describe "When" and "Where". The only thing you are doing that is "Let readers feel about the situation, let readers get in there"
    "Who", when a person show up in your story. You should let people know how this guy is. You can describe his/her face, body, dress or hobbies as clear as possible. Let the readers meet your character in their brains.
    "What happen" and "How's that", in a time, in a place, what is happening with the person. describe the action clearly, the emotion of person truely. Let the readers being your character.
    The last things I have to tell, they are also the most important things that can make your story looks beautiful and read it smoothly. You should use a lot of adjectives(don't reply the same adjective) in your story, you can use 4 or 5 adjectives to describe one thing. Don't use too much long sentences. Readers will feel boring and get the fidgets if you use all compound sentences. So, a compound sentence, a compound sentence, a simple sentence... that's better.

    This type of essays, usually talk about one idea. Like, " Is it a good or bad idea to use computers?"
    You can set a outline first:
    The topic, three or four ideas, conclusion.
    You can organize it like this:
    First paragraph: Introduce some data about using computers
    Second paragrah: Tell reader your "good" or "bad" choice. Give some main point of your paragraph that you will write, let reader have some ideas first.
    Third, forth and fifth paragraph you can talk your three ideas of "Good" or "Bad". Give some imformation to support your each ideas.
    Fifth paragraph: Tell your readers your whole idea of the essay.

    The whole essay like: Now, using computers is this situation. I think it's a good idea to use computer(or bad idea to use it). Why I say that, because ...da da da... because..da da da..(showing your supports). Last, that's why I say it's a good (or bad) idea to use computers.

    I hope it can help you.

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