Hi All,

I am posting it second time. I hope some will review and will correct the grammar and structure of the sentences


It was my first time I attended mom’s party. The party was busy with the gossips. We all laid our pot luck snacks on a table lying at the corner of the living room. Soon we started enjoying eating the home made snacks. My husband’s boss wife, who is called Nikki, was also new to this group. She had adopted a 2 and ½ year old daughter recently. While standing in a circle and holding the food plat, some one asked her a question,” so how many children do you have Nikki?”. She answered proudly, “I have a two year old daughter”. I could feel the contentment on her face. She was a new mom after 18 years of her marriage. Therefore she was too curious to know what goes in mom’s party. She seemed waiting impatiently for next forthcoming question about her daughter. Unexpectedly, there was a lady, whom I assumed to be the group leader, immediately suggested pointing towards her, “it’s the right time you should start planning for second one. If you start now then only you will get the second baby by the next year”. I wanted to close my ears and eyes as I knew all her struggles and traumas had undergone in all those/these years. Even she had a hard time in completing all the formalities to adopt her daughter. Though, she was able to handle the situation just by wearing a smile on her face. But I could read her emotions deep inside her. This was not the end of this conversation with her. One another lady shouted loudly, ”yaar try to understand , some one should be there with the baby in the night then only she will get the time for it.” Though they didn’t mean to hurt any body but somehow the party was making me uncomfortable with these kinds of unnecessary statements. We all were educated and could spend time in fruitful discussion on so many topics. Or may be it was me who had never been a part of useless gossips.

Thanks in advance