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    How to Write a Passing Essay
    Have you ever try to write best essay? Everybody write essay but the best essay can write only by some people. It is important to write essay that can give us passing grade but you must have to write essay in order. You can also write good essay if you follow several steps write good introduction and write three body paragraphs and the conclusion.
    First, we have to write a good introduction. We can start our essay by decided our title of essay. We have to indent with first letter capitalization than write a good hook for the essay. We can write hook by asking question, present facts and statistics. After that we have to provide background information of two to three lines that introduce reader to the topic. Next the important thing of essay is write a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement states main idea or purpose of the essay. Whatever three reason or things came in thesis statement is explain in the body paragraphs. A good thesis statement identifies subject of the essay in additional it tells the focus of the subject. For example, our essay topic is about types of news articles. We can write thesis statement like this. News articles can be divided into three types: local national and international. We should ask our self that does my thesis statement answer why or which question. We have to make sure that is our introduction catch reader attention, grammar, spellings are correct.
    Second and most important thing in writing essay is two or three body paragraphs. We have to write good topic sentences that state our point. Explain the first idea in thesis statement in the topic sentence. Next, we can support our point by giving facts, better ideas and examples that develops good supporting paragraph. We should develop a single focus. We donít have to write which sentence doesnít focus on the topic. The same things happen in our second and third body paragraph. We have to make sure each sentence make sense. In additional we should use transition words like but, moreover, after, before, below, above and etc. We have to make sure again that grammar and spelling are correct in it. In the conclusion paragraph we can start writing by in my opinion, in conclusion, in the future. We have to restate the main point in three to five lines. We can ask question so readers keep thinking about topic. Depending on the topic we can give solutions to problem or predict about the future. We have to revise our essay so we can find our mistake and correct it.
    In conclusion, I am sure that if we follow these two steps, we can write a passing essay. Introduction introduces to the topic; body explains the topic and conclusion can know reader about our opinion. We just have to remember that we must write the essay in the order, use correct spelling, grammar rules and punctuation.

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    can anyone help me as soon as possible
    i need to review
    tomorrow gone be my test

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