Types of Movies

Can you live without watching movies? Most people like to see movies for fun and relaxing. Movies have different types like action, thrills, romance, comedy, social, horror and historical. I can divide types of movie into action movies and comedy movie.
Action movies are base on the theme of unusual events there is a group of people who prefer to see such action movies. They are entertaining. Action movies are my favorite’s one. These types of movies are full of action. Thrills, fighting, suspense, spy activities are considered in these kinds of movies. Historical one also takes place in these movies. They make people stick to the movie from beginning to the end. The key purpose of these movies is remove iniquity activities from the world. Not all people like to see these movies but there is group of people who really enjoy watching these movies.
Comedy movie are based on the theme of humor. It makes people laugh. Comedy films are watch for entertain and enjoyment Parody, black comedy and screwball comedy are example of different types of comedy movies. Parody comedy is aggressive, violence, stereotype movie which are joking around without any purpose. Black comedy is contains war, suicide, murder but it still make people laugh. Screwball comedy is romantic humor movie. People watch these movies for relieve their sadness, stress. There is group of people who are only like to see comedy movies. Thus, comedy films are still famous for its funny stories.
In conclusion, we can say that movies are entertaining. Action movies are for remove evil from the culture, society. Comedy movies are for forgot stress from the life. People like to watch movies on their own interest.