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    non-finite verbs - need help!

    I have read an article and have found myself questioning whether these sentences are correct :
    1. The declining trend seemed to indicate that men were on a path to becoming completely infertile within a few generations (although recent studies suggest the fall in sperm counts may have bottomed out).
    2. So are we anywhere nearer to finding an explanation for why so many more men today aresuffering from reproductive problems?
    I have read all about finite and non-finite(infinitive, gerund, participles) verbs but I haven`t found anything about the use of to + -ing.
    I would appreciate any help.

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    Re: non-finite verbs - need help!

    #2. Don't look at it as [to + -ing]. It's [nearer to] + [-ing form].
    The 'to' is preposition.

    [Are we anywhere nearer to] + [finding an explanation].
    (Near to <something>)

    It's the same with the 1st sentence I believe.

    I'm on a path to [X destination].
    He was on a path to [self-destruction].
    Men were on a path to [becoming...].

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