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    Smile ask for information

    dear in the book of grammar in use
    they said
    We use the present perfect continuous for an activity that has recently stopped or just stopped. There is a
    connection with now

    When we talk about a period of time that continues from the past until now, we use the present perfect
    (have been/have traveled etc.). Here, Dave and Jane are talking about the places Jane has visited in her life
    (which is a period that continues until now).

    so this period continuous until now

    so what is the difference between the present perfect continuous and present perfect simple
    thank you

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    Re: ask for information

    Quote Originally Posted by adel87 View Post
    so what is the difference between the present perfect continuous and present perfect simple
    thank you
    The present perfect continuous is used:

    * for continuous actions (still happening now) especially when we ask how long they have lasted, and answer with for/since.
    How long have you been working here? (you work here now)
    Ive been learning to drive for two years. (Im still learning)

    * for continuous actions which have recently finished.
    Ive been shopping all morning. (Ive just finished)

    The present perfect simple is used:

    * with how long/for/since for verbs not normally used in continuous forms (be, have, know, like, etc)
    Ive known her since I was a child.

    * for completed actions where no time is given.
    Weve bought a new house. Ive cut my finger.

    * with ever, already, yet, just.

    * when we say how many or how many times.
    Ive read two books this morning.

    * with superlatives.
    It was the best meal Ive ever had.

    Sometimes both forms are possible (with a difference in meaning)

    The present perfect continuous emphasizes the activity itself and its duration.
    Ive been cleaning the house. (so Im exhausted)

    The present perfect simple emphasizes that the action is completed, and the result.
    Ive cleaned the house. (so its really clean now)

    Note: live and work (+ for/since) can be used with both tenses with the same meaning.
    Ive been working here for ages. Ive worked here for ages.

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