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    Smile ask for information

    dear teachers in these sentences
    And these leads you mentioned
    do you think

    00:28:17,030 --> 00:28:19,697
    you'll be able to catch these people
    before they do any real dam age?
    what is the meaning of leads
    Of course, I don't condone
    what Juma's doing over there.
    what is the meaning over there
    Chuck, did you find something?

    00:29:52,625 --> 00:29:54,491
    I did, but don't get carried away.
    what is the meaning carried away
    I'm going to finish up here
    with Aldrich.
    what is the meaning of finish up here
    thank you

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    Re: ask for information

    Lead- a clue or something for journalists to follow to get a story
    Over there- Where Juma is
    Carried away- overexcited, lose touch with reality

    To finish the session with Aldrich.

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