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    a question in an official exam.

    Could anyone help me answering this question please. which sentence can be placed to the blank to produce a meaningful text.

    Nineteenth-century liberals had confidence in science. Not only did science deliver technological and material progress, but it also confirmed liberals' faith in the power of human reason to uncover and command the laws of nature. ------Evolutionary theory, psychology and social sciences all introduced visions of humanity that were sharply at odds with conventional liberal wisdom. At the same time, artists and intellectuals mounted their own revolt against nineteenth-century conventions. Morals, manners, institutions, and traditions: all established values and assumptions were under question.
    A) Geologists have always challenged the biblical account of creation.
    B) These upheavals in the world of ideas unsettled older conceptions of individuality.
    C) Towards the end of the century, however, scientific developments defied these expectations.
    D) The scientists of the time held the view that the world had been formed over millions of years.
    E) The implications of Darwin's writings went far beyond the domain of the evolutionary sciences.

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    Re: a question in an official exam.

    Hello Oceansoul,
    My answer is 'C.' Science defied (went against) human reason and began to introduce its own ideas of what wisdom and intelligence were.

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    Re: a question in an official exam.

    Hi oceansoul,
    I agree with C.
    You will find that most of us here prefer learners to try and give their answer, and their reason for that answer, in their post. That makes it more of a collaborative effort. It doesn't matter if you're wrong, but have a go.

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