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    Unhappy "Please can some correct my paper for grammatical errors, please!"

    i need help with word choice, subject+Verb agreement, verb tense, run-ons, fragments, comma spice, fused sentences and rephrasing. "Please i need your help and i have to turn it in today. i can not go see a English tutor because i'm baby sitting my sister kid."

    The Approach to Dieting
    As the years go by a greater amount of people would be obese and will either choose to diet healthfully or endanger them selves by starvation. This has been a growing problem for American as technology becomes more advanced. The meaning of Intake is the food that you eat and for a negative energy balance is when people exercise then a negative energy is produce by burning fat to decrease calories. Dieting is the easiest way to lose weight because it requires maintaining an intake of 1200 to 1500 calories with a negative energy balance of 250-1000 calorie and will cause people to lose burn fat. People will lose 0.5-2.0 pounds of fat per week if they exercise. Dieting should not involve taking neither pills nor surgery that incurs risk to your health. Dieting is controllable depending on people’s goal and how much weight they want to lose up in a period of time by creating weekly, monthly, and yearly workout schedule. This is why most people choose to diet healthfully rather than some other alternatives that will involve health risks.

    First, dieting is used with a combination of physical activity; most people favorite way is training with family and friends. For example, family and friends can motivate you to lose weight and can provide a fun environment. Exercising can be done anywhere: at you house, parks, school, and also running along the river. By using the environment to exercise, people save money. The second way of dieting is playing the Wii Fit Plus, because it is a great way of maintaining weight with various ways of strength training, aerobics, yoga, balance games while having fun training the body and mind. Wii Fit Plus was designed to achieve healthy weight by inputting information of your history with daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly workout schedules. By inputting how much pounds they will lose, the Wii Fit Plus will create a workout routine for them. Even though the Wii console and fit plus package can be pricey, it is worth the money according to Best Buy’s customer reviews.

    Secondly, dieting keeps the body and mind active by finding new ways to nourish the body with healthy foods and exercises. In addition, a healthy diet has been proven to help improve your memory. When you feed nutrients t your body, Omega-3 fatty acid will benefit the brain by protecting brain cells from damage and may even promote brain cell growth. People who diet would be slimmer and active causing them to play sports or be engaged in hobbies that require energy from the body. People will be able to do exercises with others, will be more interested in education, and will introduce people to social activities. All of these will cause a chain reaction in maintain or increasing peoples’ memory and mental awareness.

    The third reason is that dieting will make people live longer than those who neglect their bodies. By having a healthy life style, old folks do not have to worry in dying sooner. Dieting will keep everyone’s blood pressure low, cholesterol at a good level and the immune system becomes stronger. Another reason, dieting will provide all your vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients required for a healthy body. It prevents most of cardiovascular diseases out there thereby increasing your chances of living longer.

    On the other hand, dieting is bad for people who miss use it by starving their bodies with minimal food energy. For instance, it can lead to starvation causing lack of nutrients, vitamins, and protein to the body. People will go to extremes to lose weight faster, so they develop anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia is a disorder in which people do not eat enough to maintain a reasonable body weight. With bulimia, people will eat their food then they will vomit it out once finished. For example, yo-yo dieting does not give the required calories throughout the day. In result people skipping meals, they will have no energy. People who go to the extremes of dieting would cause permanent damage to their bodies.

    In view of the above, people should be careful on how they choose to diet as it may lead to severe consequences to the body and mind. In addition, dieting healthfully is beneficial to most people because they keep their minds active, body healthy, live longer, and get joy out of it. Based on the observation, dieting is worth engaging in because it opens a lot of doors, live a longer life, be more socially active, and have a great time with family and friends.
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