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    Question about tense...

    Dear teachers ,
    I was wondering about the tense I should use in theses following sentences:

    1) I become/ became/ have become addicted to....
    2) A new generation was/ is born.
    3) It's the 3rd time I do/ I've done/ I did.

    I thank you in advance for looking into this.
    My best regards.

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    Re: about tense...

    1- the present is unlikely, unless you keep getting addicted. If you are still addicted, then use the present perfect, and if you've quit, then go for the past.
    2- It depends on the time of birth
    3 have done

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    Re: about tense...

    :) Dear Tdol, thank you for your prompt!
    As for qu.#3, let's say I'm talking about a new generation of Esperanto learners that's growing more and more significant, these days. (do I use use 'was' or 'is' then?)

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