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  1. Alan66

    Wink EN101 - to learn an additional language.

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    Re: EN101 - GET PAID to learn an additional language.

    What makes you think we have all day to read this?
    Since you are posting here, why don't you make it readable by getting rid of some of your mistakes. There are more than I can count.
    I have never seen anything so "starightforward" in my life.
    As for trying to sell us something, you should consider improving your sales skills:

    "get the position first, ask questions later"

    Meaning..: "fork out $129, don't question it now, do it later". Sure. Where are you from? Well, I guess if the Russians can cough up 129 bucks to sign up, so should anyone else.

    I don't think so.

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    Re: EN101 - GET PAID to learn an additional language.

    It looks much better now.

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