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    At/In/On + Roads???

    I have seen this three words with names of roads, and I do not understand the difference, if there is some.

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    Re: At/In/On + Roads???

    There are regional differences here, but I would use:
    I live in/on + road/street, etc
    I live at + number of house road/street, etc

    (British English speaker)

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    Re: At/In/On + Roads???

    Hi Andyneck,

    Usually, we use “at” before an address, and “in”/”on” before the name of a road.

    Neverthelless, in some cases, when we are talking about long roads or streets, you can use “on”.


    The bank was in/on Elm Street.

    The bank was on Oxford Street.

    In the same way, you can use “at” instead of “in” before the name of a street when referring to an institution or organization located in that street.


    The Prime Minister and the President of the Supreme Court will meet today at Downing Street.

    Finally, when we want to mean a financial institution: "on" + street.


    Today, markets have returned to something more normal after the decision taken on Wall Street.


    José Manuel Rosón Bravo

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