I am writing email for seeking internship in lighting designer's office.
I really need your help, I'm not confident to my English.
I would really appreciate your correction or suggestion.

here is my sentences,

Dear Mr.---,

Hello. My name is ----.
I'm writing this e-mail because I would like to apply for a internship position with your office.
I am studying in second semester of the master course of lighting design in --- University.
To complete my master degree, the internship in the third semester is required.

I saw your website. Your philosophy and projects attracted me very much.
Since I studied architecture, I'd like to acquire skills and a sense of lighting to increase the quality of spaces and the life there.
I believe that I would assist your work my knowledge and design skill of both architecture and lighting design, and I have the strong sense of responsibility and motivation.

I attached my resume and the following link is the website of my portofolio.
I’d appreciate very much if you have a look at them and consider any internship openings you might have.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you in advance!