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    I need helpwith essay

    The Bible is sixty-six books written by dual authorship of God and a person as his vessel. It contains Old Testament and New Testament. Through many centuries God wanted to tell a message of his own to his people. Even though he used many people to accomplish his purpose, they all spoke what God wanted them to say. The people lived from each other many miles and even in different centuries but they had one message. Now you have to ask a question how thatís possible.
    The main reason is because Bible is inspired by God, and written under Gods lead by men. The Bible is inspired by God, we see that men werenít able to write it even if he wanted to write, and even if he could he wouldnít be able to do so. The simple reason for this is because man is sinful and God is holy. When authors were inspired by God to write something, God inspired the author to write down his truths and everything that he counted as important. The Bible is a supernatural book also, because it is Godís Word and for that reason it has authority over everybody.
    The Word of God can change course of our history for example the start point of the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther in 1517. The Bible since it is a supernatural God inspired book, and then it can change the life of many people no matter on in what state they are in, based on spiritual or physical need. Since the Bible is inspired by God, then it was worth for many people to be persecuted and give their lives for it. If you look in to the history of Communism in Russia, many did die because they knew that the Bible not only inspired but it also had authority as well. When they were asked to spit on the Bible or to tear pages, the believers knew what supernatural power it had, not because it was a book but it was Gods Word. A lot of people thought that they were insane, because they gave their lives for it. There is no other book that can influence you and have authority for you to repent of your sins and come to God.

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    Re: I need helpwith essay

    Thanks i appreciate your help, but i will fix it after i am done with it, because i need this asap. Can you help me with my conclusion, because i dont know how to write it. Thanks

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