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    TESL Certification

    Greetings teachers,

    My question regards certification for ESL teachers.
    I work at a bank by day and volunteer as an English tutor three nights a week here in Michigan. My students are adults from Mexico and Latin America.

    I would prefer to teach adults and I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree in business.

    My brother is an ESL teacher in South Korea and a job awaits should I choose to move abroad. I understand that on-line certifications are not 'valued or respected' in the ESL world. Is this true? If not what is a good program?

    All internet searches direct me to Cambridge TESL. Any insight?
    This program takes 30 days and you must travel to select cities in USA.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: TESL Certification

    There are many poor online courses, which does mean that many are regarded as suspect or sub-standard, though there are also some that have a decent reputation. The advantage of a course like the CELTA is that it's recognised worldwide.

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    Re: TESL Certification

    In the same way that online courses range from excellent to rubbish, so too do in-house courses.

    If you want to find a respectable online course with good student feedback then take a look here:

    Online Courses | TEFL Course Review

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