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    The literal meaning of the poem?


    This is a poem about mother's love. Can you explain the literal meaning of the last two lines for me?

    The greatest gift--a love of life--
    Lay laughing in your eyes.
    Because of you my world still has
    The soft grace of your smile;
    And every wind of fortune bears
    The scent of your caress.

    Many thanks!


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    Re: The literal meaning of the poem?

    Hello Paula

    1. 'Fortune' is presented as a 'wind', or 'breeze', that brings good things to the speaker.

    2. Breezes bring us the scent of flowers.

    3. The mother's caress is associated with her characteristic smell of scent or perfume.

    If we put these together:

    'When the wind of Fortune brings good things to me, it brings also the memory of you, like the smell of flowers.'


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