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    Good + prepositions


    I have seen the adjective good in senteces with many prepositions and particles. Somethimes I cannot distinguish the right meaning or difference.

    Someone could explain the different possibilities?


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    Re: Good + prepositions

    Hi Andyneck,

    Good About

    He feels good about his life (= pleased, satisfied, etc.).

    Good At

    He is good at cards (= skilful, clever, etc.).

    Good For

    Proteins are good for pre/post workouts (= beneficial, advantageous, useful, etc.).

    Good Of

    It was good of you to answer my question in Usingenglish (= helpful, kind, etc.).

    Good To

    He was really good to me (= kind, generous, etc.).

    This fruit is good to eat (= beneficial, wholesome, etc.).

    Good With

    He was very good with tools (= skilful).


    José Manuel Rosón Bravo

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