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    Need help in this scenario...

    I'm an admin. The company I work for has 100 staff members and 100 clients.

    A parent phoned in and said, "I received a missed call from this company but I'm not sure who the caller is."

    What would you say to this parent in this scenario?

    I put the caller on hold for about 3 minutes while I tried to find the caller.
    Without such luck, I got back to the parent and said, "I'm very sorry, but I couldn't seem to track down the caller."

    Is there a better approach? I realised that I have wasted my time trying to find who might have called the parent in the first place.

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    Re: Need help in this scenario...

    Well, Jimmy08, a lot depends on your company's product and customer service policy. Is it your company's policy to track client's calls? If so, you should have added to your apology why you were not able to trace the call. If not the policy, you could have explained that to the client, but in spite of that you tried and were not successful.

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