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Toefl essay: Do you agree or disagree : if people want to have a good future, they should have careful plan when they are young.

Everyone wants to have a good future. Some consider to have careful plan since they are young, while others take their time and only make plan when they grow up. Personally, I agree with the former.

It can be argued that when people grow up, they can decide many important things in their life, including which university to go, who to get married to and who to make friends with. Some people believe that only alduts have ability to make careful plan. However, it is undeniable that most of them regret since they left their time pass unsignificantly. A recent survey shows that those adults said they wish they had good plans and study well at the early age. That may help them to have a better jobs and more confidence in their later life.

On the contrary, there are lots of considerabe advantages when people make thorough plans when they are only kids. It is obvious that children are well-educated when they are young an have a better future than those who do not. They can have a better career or a degree, respect and admire from others. They can have a happy life later. In addition, it is easier and better for children to study as soon as possible. Take for example, those kids whose parents take care and teach them before they start school can have good school performance than those who do not. An 11-year-old child can remember new words much easier and faster than an adults.

People who do not plan well since they are young can not make a good plan for themselves in the future. Children who can make a schedule to study each day can have good grades. Even when they grow up, they can be a well-orgnised person. It is really important as nowadays, no bosses want to employ a careless and disorganised person into their company. And those characteristic can only be formed when people are young. The older they are, the more difficult for them to fix themselve, as Vietnamese people often say: "the world is hard to change as well as the characteristics of one person"

There are some career that can only be trained when children are young. For example, some children have to practice dacing ballet since they are 2 years old. At that time, children's bones are not totally developed and it's easy to train them and to make them flexible.

In the nutshell, people should have good preparations when they are only kids. It helps them to enjoy their later life and live as they wish to.