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    Smile phonological analysis

    dear all

    I have an exam which is basically based on the phonological analysis

    in fact I have a problem in differentiating between the phoneme and allophone !! what is the difference?

    another thing is how to write a phonological rule?

    I've studied five steps which are:

    specify the problem
    specify the context
    examine the common features
    determine the underlying sound
    and finally form the rule

    it is easy to write the steps but I couldn't apply them correctly

    can you help me please!

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    Re: phonological analysis


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    Re: phonological analysis

    Hello Birds,
    Thankfully you don't have to be a linguist to be an effective reading or writing teacher and many aren't but understanding a few terms can enhance your abilities. A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound within a language that can change the meaning of a word e.g. let, lit, lot. These three words differ in meaning because of a difference in only one sound, and this difference is called phonemic. An allophone is a slightly different version of each phoneme e.g. the 't ' in Italy is pronounced like a quick d in North American English but the Brits would pronounce it like a t. These sound variations don't cause many problems but when they are reflected in spelling then there are problems e.g. Idaly vs Italy.

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    Re: phonological analysis

    dear bds51,

    thanks alot for this clarification.

    it helped me so much.

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