The qualifications in law or public administration from ABC Universities contribute significantly to increasing human recourses in the government agency and the DDDD development as a whole.
As a civil servant, the knowledge and experience in this field is needed to work effectively in the government institutions. There is no doubt that the government has recruited enough staff to handle the daily work, but the issue of low pay, lack of motivation, ineffective administrative management, inadequate competent and experienced staff and partisanship are the challenges of the Battambang provincial hall to implement every day work. Hence, obtaining knowledge, new understanding and theory in law provided by ABC Scholarship will enable me to deal with these severe problems more effectively and contribute to achieving what is set forth by the provincial leaders as well as the government. I will apply the successful strategies of ABC Administration in the DDDD context and I will share the knowledge and experience I will obtain from the ABC Universities with my colleagues and local authorities through on the job training and other training courses to build their capacity and to grow their spirit of working with high responsibilities in order to deliver effective public services to the people in the province and for the sake of prosperity and dignity of the society.
In addition to my workplace’s benefit, the qualification of law from ABC Universities will enable me to bring a significant change for my poor country so that the quality and standards of living of the people, especially the poor and vulnerable group, can be improved. I will become a potential government official and play an important role in building the effective administration reform system, legal construction, public policy, government’s action plan. Appropriate laws will produce favorable conditions for foreign investment in the country and my people will benefit from the investment as there will be more job opportunities available making better living conditions for the people and promoting sustainable economic development. After being equipped with the potential skills provided by ABC Scholarship, I will be part of a solution to settling the issues of corruption, poverty, economic development, and improving standard of living of the people.