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    1.What does 'first eleven' related to sports mean?

    2.' organization may have a legitimate interest in holding close and guarding from competitors information...'
    In the above what does 'interest' mean specifically?

    3.How can 'The corporation was encouraged in its pioneering move by New York City Mayor' be paraphrased? Does the quoted sentence mean 'New York City Mayor encouraged the corporation's pioneering move'?

    4.How can '...not least because he had absolutely no interest in either A or in B.' be paraphrased? Does the quoted sentence mean '...especially because...'?
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    Re: questions

    Hi beaware
    My first association are:
    1. 'The best football team',
    2. 'Justified (well-founded, well-grounded) interest.
    I beg your pardon. I do not understand 3 and 4 questions.

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    Re: questions

    1 The top football team, or other sport with the same number like cricket, in a place like a school or representing a region, etc.
    2 It means they have a recognised connection or involvement
    3 Yes
    4 Not really, but it does mean that this was one of the more important reasons

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