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Thread: Outset or OnSet

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    Outset or OnSet

    Hello this is my 1st post in this forum and I hope to improve my English by learning from experienced people here.

    Question is that I have heard the phrases "At the very outset" and "At the very onset". To me these probably mean the same thing or maybe they are different but people (like me) use them interchangeably and without knowing the difference.

    I do not fully understand when to use which. A few example sentences for each will really help. I feel like seeing a word used in a sentence is probably one of the best ways to learn.

    Thanks for helping me.

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    Re: Outset or OnSet

    Outset- when something begins
    Onset- similar, but the onset of a disease may not be when the disease is contracted but when symptoms appear

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    Re: Outset or OnSet

    Thank you for the reply. I found the example of Onset to be very helpful.

    From your reply it appears that my assumption is probably true i.e. most people (again myself included) use these words interchangeably


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