i have to rewrite these sentences without change meaning and beginning with the WORD GIVEN but I'm not sure if i do the right

I regret shouting at the children
I WISH I hadn't shouted to the children

Who lent you the money to buy that sweater?-->too difficult..

It's possible that she didn't hear what i said
SHE MIGHT hadn't heard what i said

"You ough to eat foods low in cholesterol", said the doctor
THE DOCTOR SUGGESTED him to eat foods low in cholesterol

I'm sure that the children didn't make those calls, they don't know how to dial yet!
THE CHILDREN....-->too difficult

Robin didn't realise that he had been hurt until he saw the blood
ONLY WHEN ROBIN had seen the blood did he realised that he had been hurted

The boys left before i arrived so I didn't manage to see them
IF THE BOYS hadn't left before i arrived, i would have seen them

I think thaIt you ought to tell her the truth
IF I were you, i would tell her the truth