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Oh you people are wonderful, thanks Marilyn!
And guess what, I've found a new expression I'm not really familiar with. I've heard it a couple of times but I'm not quite sure what it means. So here you go...

* Franchise (like in "I'm the franchise" etc)

Thanks in advance :)
I am the franchise = I own the franchise, I run it.
To put it simply, a franchise is a business that belongs to a group of people (or just one individual) and then the group of these people (usually a company) decides to let others buy the rights to their franchise (business) by granting them a license to run it so they can open their own businesses. They pay a percentage of the profit to the "big" owner but they get to keep the rest. That's the way MacDonald's works, A&W, Wendy's and many other fast food joints. This applies to all businesses, of course.