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    learn or to learn

    Hello! I am looking for the most correct Oxford English answer from the sentences below. Can someone please point me in the right direction on which is correct and why?

    A teacher is someone who helps kids to learn in school.


    A teacher is someone who helps kids learn in school.

    Thanks in advance -

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    Re: learn or to learn

    Hi. Hope this will help you:

    BARE INFINITIVE. An INFINITIVE without to (win rather than to win), used: (1) After modal verbs: I must go. (2) In the pattern verb of perception plus object plus infinitive: We heard the door bang. (3) With some verbs: Let go; Help me do this; Make them pay. (4) After rather than and sooner than: I'll go without rather than pay so much. (5) In cleft sentences: All I did was ask.

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    Re: learn or to learn

    Sorry, forgot the link:

    TOM McARTHUR. "BARE INFINITIVE." Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language. 1998. 11 May. 2010 <>.

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