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Thread: Reading levels

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    Reading levels

    I'm a former reading specialist, but have given away all of my materials and references. I am curious about the relatively new text stats provided by, and realized I have forgotten the percentages for the three levels of reading....independent, instructional, and frustration. Also...which level does the Flesch-Kincaid refer to? The example used is 10.1 that would be suitable for someone with a 10th grade or higher reading level, but that could be instructional, understanding with some help,. or reading independently with complete comprehension.

    I would really appreciate this information in order to select appropriate books for my grandchildren. (Have been retired for 10 years and am working in another direction.)

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    Re: Reading levels

    I've seen slightly different percentages given, but here's a list:

    Accuracy in Reading Words Aloud
    1. Independent 99% (1 error in 100 words)
    2. Instructional 95%-98% (2-5 errors in 100 words)
    3. "The Gray Zone" 90%-95% (5-10 errors in 100 words)
    4. Frustration ≤90% (10 errors in 100 words)
    5. Listening no reading; student listens to what is read to him her another
    Accuracy in Comprehension
    1. Independent ≥90% (9 out of ten questions right)
    2. Instructional ≥70% (7 out of ten questions right)
    3. "The Gray Zone" 51%-69% (6 out of ten questions right)
    4. Frustration ≤50% (5 out of ten questions right)
    I always thought the grade levels referred to an independent reader at that level.

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    Re: Reading levels

    Thank you so much. After checking with another retired reading teacher, we reached approximately the same percentages, but it was reassuring to have them verified. The text stats site is helpful, but only grade levels (Fog, Flesch Index, and Flesch-Kincaid Index) are explained. It was my experience as a reading specialist that very few (even teachers)
    were aware of the "other" levels.

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