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    I have a cold OR I'm having a cold?

    I am really confused how can the phrase be used. Example:

    Were u ill last week?
    Yes, I had a really bad cold all week.
    Shouldn't be used I was having a really bad cold all week? couse it is mentioned that all week.

    I'm really looking forward to your explanation.

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    Re: I have a cold OR I'm having a cold?

    **Neither a teacher nor a native speaker.**

    Interesting question.
    First off: "Were you ill last week?"

    I believe you don't have to use "was having", "had" sounds correct to me.

    In my opinion, you could use "was having" here:
    He: "Why did you not open the door last night?"
    You: "Sorry, I was having a bad cold that moment, that's why I did not want to go out. Furthermore I did not know it was you."
    (You link two events.)

    But a cold does not come for a moment, it takes a long time (as you said).
    (Maybe it's grammatically correct, but not meaningful.)

    Let's wait until our teachers say something


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    Re: I have a cold OR I'm having a cold?

    With illnesses, we don't normally use the progressive/continuous form of have.

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