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    Viva La Causa Cause and Effect Essay

    this is a cause and effect essay. i wanted to have it checked for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    Viva La Causa

    Viva La Causa took place in the early 1960’s. Exploited farm workers were being treated poorly. Throughout the 1960’s farm workers fought for their human rights. Some of the problems that occurred were exploited farm workers not receiving benefits and civil rights. Another crisis was the strikes that had occurred to fight against farm owners. Lastly, they boycotted grapes across California, to make change and a difference in people. Viva La Causa was a journey that saved exploited farm workers.
    The first reason was exploited farmers had no human rights on the farms they worked at. Owners of the farms had men, women and children working on the farm for one dollar an hour. The children were so young that the tomatoes they were picking were bigger than their hands. No health benefits were given and they shared drinking water out of a bucket and a can for a cup. These farmers were treated poorly and they couldn’t afford food or living for their children. For years farmers were manipulated and battered. One of the farmers said “We felt it was almost like slavery”. A farm worker named Caesar Chaves spoke for the farmer and said why should we put up with these low wages, and no health benefits. In 1962 the NFWA (National Farm Workers Association) was created to protest against farm owners. This took place in Delano California.
    Yet another factor, Caesar Chaves and his NFWA started gathering farmers of all cultures to launch a strike. Farmers lined up the roads of farms with signs and microphones screaming, “Huelga”, Spanish term for strike. For days they would walk along the roads of farms yelling, and cheering for the farmers to stop working, and to join them in this strike. This strike lasted for two years. Farm owners started playing loud music so the farmers couldn’t hear the NFWA striking. They also got the police involved and they started arresting farm workers who screamed out Huelga. They didn’t care who they were, they arrested everybody of all ages. Consequently they weren’t getting anywhere. As a result, they started boycotting the local markets, asking people to stop buying produce. They picketed throughout Delano, and people starting protesting with them. Few people stop buying these farm owners produce, but not enough. Caesar Chaves declared a march to the state capital of California.
    In 1966 Caesar Chaves and about 70 farm workers took a march to Sacramento. It took them 25 days, ending at 10,000 people with them supporting their boycott. They thought boycotting all produce was too much to ask from people, so they single out grapes. They protested in front of the state capital, and nothing was being done. Chaves wanted people to notice what was going on and to give support to those who were failing. So he fasted for a month, making him a symbol for their human rights. Robert F. Kennedy announced the issues that were going on. He then ran for the presidency of the United States. Kennedy won California’s vote, mostly because he wanted to help change California’s label laws and help fix the exploited farm workers human rights. After giving his speech, Robert F Kennedy was shot and killed. As a result, in 1969 over 40 cities were organized. Seventeen million people stop buying grapes. And in 1970, Farm owners lost 25 million dollars.
    The outcome of Viva La Causa was incredible. Today union workers now get paid a minimum wage, and full time receives health benefits. They are treated with kindness and respect. Often times we still today boycott, but not for the same reasons as they did in 1960. Viva La Causa is a story to remember, for the hard work and outstanding efforts exploited farm workers put in to save the union.

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    Cool Re: Viva La Causa Cause and Effect Essay

    I may be wrong, but I think nobody is replying to your post because it specifically states in the guidelines at the top of the page that this is not a place to ask people to correct your homework.

    There are other sites for that (e.g. or you could just ask your instructor to read it for you.


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    Re: Viva La Causa Cause and Effect Essay

    Good morning.

    This website has a forum entitled "Editing and Writing Topics." If you go there, many people will probably be delighted to advise you. Have a nice day.

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