Genetic Engineering is widely. Two examples from movie “Gattaca” are designed Babies, and pianist who has 12 fingers in total. Two examples from movie “X-men” are metal that placed in Wolverine, and implement that convert people to mutants. The designed babies are technology that allows people to create own “perfect human”. The pianist who has 12 fingers is also involving genetic engineering, he may have change his DNA in order to get 12 fingers. The metal that placed in Rouge allows him to have iron bone. The implement that convert people to mutants require Magneto’s power, but those laser can change DNA in peoples’ body
In the movie, X-men, different mutants have their unique power. The Lizard guy would be possible to obtain that particular power by having a gene from a Lizard. The Lizard guy has all the characteristics of a lizard. such as long tongue, climbing wall, and his physical aspect.
If I’m able to create my own super power. My super power would be Time Control. I would obtain this power from mutation. It’s possible to obtain this power by having a gene in my body that allows me slow everything around me, so slow that it’s nearly stop. I would use this power to stop incidents happen every day. This super power affects the human population change because if I’m a bad guy, I would use this super power to stop the time, and kill people I hate.
I think extensive studies on genetic engineering and cloning should be cease. The government should also stop rumors about genetically engineering. Because genetic engineering and cloning are special technologies that could possibly change humans’ society and future. If things get wrong, the human population will be extinct. There could be some advantages of genetically engineering, such as new technologies will be developing, helpful mutants on society. I believe it’s not right to have genetic engineering and cloning.