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    What does "booty" mean?

    Hi Everybody,

    I can't find the right meaning of booty in many dictionaries, I watched the American TV series called "Everybody hates Chris", the child said "please scratch my booty." Please let me know if "booty" is a slang? Thanks.


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    Re: What does "booty" mean?

    Yes, booty is an informal word, if not slang and you should not use it in public.

    It is used for girls chiefly and it means "buttocks"

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    Re: What does "booty" mean?

    Williamyh - it's not 'a slang', it's just 'slang' or 'it's a slang word'. ('Booty' also has another - formal - meaning; = stolen treasure (not just any old treasure - pirates have booty, but not legitimate financial institutions). Of course, that example might not be the best chosen, given the reputation of most bankers today.

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    Re: What does "booty" mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by BobK View Post
    pirates have booty
    Sounds hilarious - unless the pirate is a lady

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