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    Post Could you correct my writing?

    I wrote a text about my impression in my english class in spain... Could you check the mistake, please? Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

    My impression about the English lessons

    I took an interest in learning the English language since Iím travelling in Europe. Nowadays, itís really essential to speak fluent English for getting into conversation with foreign people. To make oneself understood, the best way is to speak as well as possible and itís that why I chose to attend English lessons in my Erasmus semester.

    About the English lessons, Iím generally satisfied with your study program which was varied and completed. I liked the different activities proposed such as listening, speaking, doing exercises and working in team groups. Every Friday, I found the time in class spent fast. The writing tests and the oral presentation have been well chosen to evaluate our English level along the semester.

    In France, I was already studying English business and the themes from Marketing Leader were perfectly adapted to my expectation. Furthermore, studying with the international students has been a very enriching experience. Iím convinced that I have continued to improve my knowledge and my open-mindless.

    One thing sure, I rather preferred study English language in Spain than in France. The atmosphere seemed to me more friendly and pleasant but also because we werenít a lot in the group.

    I think that the future students will appreciate this semester and I canít tell what you could improve. Maybe, I can suggest you to show an English movie about international trade or a newsreel with the VO subtitles. Then, it could be interesting to create a debate between the students or to give some homework about it.

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    Re: Could you correct my writing?

    Hi, thank you for your time !
    It is nice!

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    Re: Could you correct my writing?

    Hi amlch
    Whether 'VO' means 'version original'?

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    Re: Could you correct my writing?

    Shouldn't that be OV then?

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    Re: Could you correct my writing?

    'VO [version originale] subtitles' means that the movie is not dubbed, so 'with subtitles' or 'with French subtitles' or 'with subtitles in your language', as appropriate.

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