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    Post lost the track how i can get it back.

    i know english i used to spesk it. bt from last 6-8 month i ve lost my track.
    & now i am finding very difficult to speak & deal with situation when it demands english fluency.

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    Re: lost the track how i can get it back.

    It's difficult to give you a lot of advice without knowing more about your situation, but I will start you off with a couple of ideas:

    - First, when you're using a new language, it is completely normal to have periods where your fluency disappears. (Especially if you are stressed, or have other things going on in your life, your brain might not have enough energy left for English! This part probably isn't scientifically proven, but I've seen it happen many times.) In other words, relax and don't worry too much - it will probably come back soon!

    - Second, keep working at it. Find ways to listen to others speaking, either on TV/radio or in person, even if you can't respond. Make notes about things you hear that you want to remember or want to know more about, and ask us here!

    - Third, try to find a conversation partner that you can relax with. He/She doesn't have to be a native speaker, just someone you can have a conversation with and not worry about speaking perfectly. If you can talk about correct ways to say things, that's even better!

    Good luck, and don't stress!

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