I have never forgotten my first business.This is the first time I have understood what defeat means.It was defeated due to disagreement between our sisters.
8 months ago,we had a plan to make an English centre for Children.Initially,I was excited.I loved that project.I even placed much belief,effort,time and dream on it.I would build a big centre on that basis.I tried to find out how to do it,how to make it successful.These difficulties could not obstruct my attempt.contrast to my effort,my elder sister always went out with her friends.She left everythings for me to care,she only thought of her parties.However,there were so many problems that I couldn’t resolve alone.She maked me very angry.I shouted at her why …why she did like that?What did she want?If she wanted to stop,please told me.I would do myself without her.I couldn’t stand her inconsideration any more.She also shouted at me,I was so impatient,I woud not able to be successful.With her,that business was only a play.If it was successful,she would earn money.If it failed,she would lose nothing.Her words hurt me,my effort,my dream;I was very angry.We had argued for long time before she went away.She blamed for disharmony of our ages,She said maybe that was our destiny.so we shouldn’t talk together.It seemed to be funny,but that was truth what she said.I was completely depressive,my business along with my sister-relationship collapsed at the same time.My sister and I have reconciled until now.I really hate her characteristic.