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    Post Letter - writing check

    Would you please help me in correcting and rating this task ? Thank you very much indeed.

    Dear Sir,
    I read the article you published in the last issue of the magazine about different ways of considering the so-called alternative medicine and would like to give my opinion too on the subject.

    The first published comment is certainly not coming from a fan of alternative medicine; some of the ideas expressed are nevertheless quite true and full of common sense. In fact, the lacking of evidence as to the efficacy of the treatments makes me think that some of them might have a placebo effect on the mind of the users who could believe they have been healed by something that has no healing properties at all. Moreover, some unscrupulous therapists could fraudulently induce people to abandon the conventional therapies in favour of these ones and somehow this could reveal itself as rather dangerous.

    On the opposite side is there the opinion of the second writer. I partially agree with him when he says that the holistic therapy could successfully treat symptoms and ailments which involve the person as a whole while traditional medicine tends to see just the illness separated from the patient. This is particularly true in our highly stressing way of living where ailments such as headaches, bowel disorders and backache quite often have a psychosomatic origin.

    Finally, I tend to agree with the last comment. Each of us has a personal approach to his own health and illness which by the way can also vary in different periods of our life, so I think it is up to the individual to decide which therapy, therapist and medicine are the best for his particular state of health. Nobody can ever oblige or force anyone in any directions at all. Not always can a scientific explanation be found and something which is totally unexplained today might be clearly understood tomorrow. For this reason, proper tests and research should constantly be brought forward for common benefit of course while any possible speculations on such a sensible matter as health be firmly stopped.
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