You are working in a company. You would like to join a training course related to your work. Write a letter to your employer, in your letter
- describe what course you would like to do
- how this course might help in your work
- suggest suitable time for you to do this course.

Dear Mr Tristan,

Since I have joined our newspaper I met a lot of very interesting people who helped me to adopt to the new environment. With their support I feel myself confident and at any time I can rely on their assistance. On my part I also try to use all my knowledge but I feel that I lack the necessary news reporting skills that is essential part of our profession.

Recently I have heard that within our newspaper it is possible to arrange a training course and I would like to take a training program on a news writing. I strongly believe that taking this course will help me to develop my analytical and practical skills in the field of journalism. Our work requires constant search and personal development and with knowledge gained from the new course I am sure that I can enrich my abilities as well as skills on news and article writing.

As I work from Monday till Friday I might be able to take an evening courses or during weekends at any time. I hope that taking this course would be beneficial not only for me but for our newspaper as well.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,

James John.