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  1. SaddyGirl

    Urgent!! "On their behalves" or "On their behalf"?

    Hi, teachers:

    I wanna know which one is correct?

    "on their behalves" or "on their behalf"??

    Why do I hear the latter one more often??

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Urgent!! "On their behalves" or "On their behalf"?

    From everything I can find:

    1) on their behalves is acceptable, and probably used more in spoken English than in writing nowadays;

    2) on their behalf is the more common way now, but some people still think it sounds ungrammatical.

    So - you get to choose which one sounds best to you! OR - you could avoid the problem and say "on behalf of (my cousins/minorities/all Americans/etc.)".

    Isn't English fun?!?

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    Re: Urgent!! "On their behalves" or "On their behalf"?

    You'll find behalves in some legal texts, but some dictionaries have it down as an obsolete form and in BrE I can't say that I come across it- in fact, it sounds decidedly odd to me.


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