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    Cool I need help in writing an pre-application letter

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to write a formal letter for studying in a foreign country. There must be 10 years since I took my last English lesson, but I use informally this language every day. So, in matter of writting formal letters I must be a disaster! I would aprecciate corrections/commets/upgrades/etc. He goes the letter that concern to this thread:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is xx and I am from Argentina. I am writing to you as a student, to have the courtesy to counsel me how to enter to one of your graduate programs. I have been always interested in aircrafts and aviation in general, but in my country there is little research and development on the subject, which made me start looking in foreign countries for postgraduate deals to satisfy my interest.

    I have 23 years old and am currently an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at xx, starting the final year of a total of five years. I will finish my undergraduate studies in June 2011. I have very good knowledge of spoken and written English and have been studying German for two years. Also, I took a course in programming on C/C++, and I have some experience with Matlab. The institution where I study depends on the CNEA (National Commission of Atomic Energy), and is located within a research center. It has a strong orientation towards nuclear research, hence there is currently no projects referring to aeronautics.

    I would like to know what kind of requirements must I meet and which are the steps to apply for a scholarship to study with you. I know my request is a bit early, but is due to have enough time to not miss any requirement on the date of application.

    In case you do not give scholarships to foreign students, I would be pleased to be informed about institutions that do give them.

    Yours faithfully

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    Re: I need help in writing an pre-application letter

    Thanks a lot Gillnetter. I thought my letter in Spanish and then translated it, so was difficult to me to adapt the sentences construction to English. Gracias!

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    Re: I need help in writing an pre-application letter

    Hola, JosePi!

    Now i'm trying to write an application and motivation letter for PhD in Spain. I'm writing it in English. My mother tongue is Russian, English is well, but I don't know Spanish.
    Could you please help me to translate that in Spain?

    Thanks in advance

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