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    profile paragraph CV


    Appreciate it if anyone would take any time to point out my errors below. Thanks

    A dedicated and results-driven team leader with a successful background in delivering performance driven customer focused credit control through the creation and execution of astute initiatives. Experienced in working with leading brands; consumer and merchant bad debt provisioning for credit card, unsecured loans and mortgage front end portfolios. Possesses efficient calculated decisive qualities complemented with strong creativity, analytical and technical attributes. Thrives on influencing direct reports to exceed their potential, enjoys working in a fast paced environment in a calm nature and forging solid rapport with team, peer group and colleagues.

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    Re: profile paragraph CV

    My honest feeling about this is that it's too long. I have always wondered about the value of these statements as they're always going to be positive- no one is going to write 'An enthusiastic team player with time-keeping issues'. The reader will be able to get things like your experience with leading brands from the Professional Experience part. I would consider reducing the length, but, as I said earlier, this is a personal view and others may see it differently.

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    Re: profile paragraph CV

    thanks for the feedback - i'll try and make more concise

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