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    that much was clear?

    " What had happened, she wasn’t quite sure. She heard the gunfire sound and glanced over to Mr. Baxton just in time to see him collapse. She knew he had been shot. That much was clear. Then, pandemonium seemed to break out as all the other men started yelling and screaming."

    Is the underlined phrase saying the girl only know that much (someone got shot) or that the fact someone being shot is very clear to her?

    Please help me with this, many thanks.

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    Re: that much was clear?

    She knew that Mr Baxton got shot. She didn't know why or by whom.

    It's typically used where there's a good deal of uncertainty, but one thing is known for sure.

    Example: 'Nick Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister - that much is clear. But why he settled for a non-job is beyond me!'

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