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    Regarding a verb and the diffrence between these two setences.

    Sentence: "It has not been made public" and "It has not made public".

    My two questions: What is the diffrence between these two sentences meaning wise ? What diffrence the verb "been" is making in the sentence ?

    Uses of been always confuses me so please also tell me 'extra' information, if you have any, regarding this sentence and the usage of verb 'been' in it.

    ***To me the later sentence seems to be bit 'awkward' and 'incomplete' type if it's so from the native speaker's perspective also then do tell me about it.


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    Re: Regarding a verb and the diffrence between these two setences.

    "It has not been made public" would mean that some information ("it) has not been published or released to the public. For example, "The police have completed their investigation and a report has been prepared but it has not been made public".
    "It has not made public" as a stand alone statement is not correct and has no meaning without some additional information. It would be OK as "The police department has prepared a report but "it (the department) has not made public the report as of today.

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