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    Question In time vs on time...

    I'm sure there's a thread on the subject somewhere else but I have no time to go through the pages and using the search engine didn't help =|

    What's the difference between in time and on time?

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    Re: In time vs on time...

    "in time" means before an event happens. Example: I got on the bus just in time. It was going to leave without me. If you didn't make it "in time" something negative would happen. In the example, the bus would have left. Another example: He arrived in time for dinner. If he had come any later everyone would have already eaten.

    "on time" means you arrived at the exact moment you were supposed to. You were not late and you were not early. It does not imply something negative would happen if you were not there at that moment. It is just stating a fact.

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