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    Re: Why would Ms. Rice say 'would'?

    That's a funny picture.

    And that's coming from an American?...

    Of course.

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    Re: Why would Ms. Rice say 'would'?

    That's true, Clinton is one sharp cookie and educated in Oxford he sure doesn't miss a beat when it comes to expressing himself. He is so suprisingly eloquent that I believe George W Bush could learn a thing or two from him.
    I haven't heard Bill speak lately. I don't watch tv, and he hasn't been on the radio. I guess he's eloquent, yes.

    I just think Bush doesn't know how to talk. Neither does Rummy the dummy, which is why I think we don't hear from him as much as we used to. It's a question of damage control so that the Bush administration doesn't look worse than it already does by the time the term is over. At that point, the American people will have woken up and a Democrat will be voted into office again.

    Why have gas prices gone up so much? Do Mr. Bush and his cohorts have something to do with that?

    I think sometimes the American people just love this war. It gives them something to rally around. They're at a sports stadium cheering for their favorite team. People have to have that. Of course, anyone connected to someone in the military would prefer not to have that. There's a lot of ignorance around. It wouldn't surprise me if some of those flag wavers saw the Iraqi people as the "enemy". I haven't asked, so I won't find out.

    Whether one is for this war or against it could be irrelevant. I ask "Who's managing it? Does anyone know what's going on there and how we're going to leave? When are we going to leave?"

    I have too many quesitons. Just one listen to the radio in the morning can give me 10 to 20 questions. But I usually forget what I hear. There's too much of everything else to consider.

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    Re: Why would Ms. Rice say 'would'?

    Can we turn the temperature down a bit here before my monitor melts?

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