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  1. Stormy

    Punctuation help please...

    I need help with the punctuation in the following. If you have a moment, please point out any errors. I would very much appreciate any help!

    "Jerry, and his wife Susan, decided to take a vacation. Prior to leaving, Jerry forgot to lock the door. He went back inside the house, turned down the heat, walked back out, and locked the door. He carried two large, heavy pieces of luggage to place in the trunk. Once he returned to the car, they left for their vacation. They entered a four-lane highway, and traveled 800 miles to their destination."


    I gave her one half (or) I gave her one-half

    Again, thanks much for any help you can give me.


  2. Stormy

    Re: Punctuation help please...

    can't someone help me with this?

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    Re: Punctuation help please...

    1. Delete both quotation marks 2. Delete commas after Jerry and Susan. 3. Delete comma after "out" in sentence 3. 4. Delete the comma after "highway" in the last sentence.

    The hyphen is used in two-word adjectives for clarity and to eliminate ambiguities. Examples: There is one half-full glass on the table. I see one half dollar and three quarters under the sofa. I can't think of a situation where the term "one half" would need to be hyphenated. If I gave her one half, I would keep the other half (not other-half).

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