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    Can I please get some help with my statement of purpose?

    Hello, I intend to apply for a LLM in EU law and I have to write a minimum 2 page statement of purpose but it turned out to be extremely difficult. Could somebody please take a look at it and tell me what I should change about it so I could have a chance to get to my dream school?. thank you very much for your time.
    I am not one of the people who wanted to become a lawyer since they were in kindergarden. Up to high school I wanted to be a computer programmer and that is the reason I chose a mathematics-informatics class and the reason I took part in informatics competitions. But in my second year of high school I was named class representative, and soon started to get a new perspective on life. I realized that I loved to stand up for other people, to speak in their behalf and to find every possible solution to make things work out for the best. And so, by the last year I realized that I had a new purpose in life, to help other people. I started to realize that maybe a career in computer science wasn’t the best thing for me. That’s when I considered law school.

    I soon enrolled in a debate club to see if I had what it takes to succeed in this area. I was happy to see that it came naturally because what I have done so far was a great help in my formation. It was like solving a problem, it was all logical, you just had to analyze every aspect of the situation given, to find the basic problem and find the reasonable “formulas” to solve it. So I decided to apply for a law faculty. At first I was scared when I saw all the books because I was used to learning two formulas and then apply them in various ways to solve problems. But I soon realized that law wasn’t about memorising all those books. I understood that law was about logic, fairness and then things just came naturally. The fact that I loved what I was doing helped me a lot in overcoming hundreds of pages and hours of research.

    As many other people around, I study law in order to enforce social order and impartiality, and as I continue with the specialty studies I become all the more motivated. As a major of law, I have attended many courses and read extensively, and now I have started to work independently on certain issues and to learn more of sociological and economic knowledge in order to enrich my foundation of knowledge. During this process of schooling and growth, I have come to identify the object of my greatest interest, commercial law. Through my four years of university I have always been in the top five students in the EU Law specialization, being rewarded with a study scholarship. I worked hard for it but it was worth it. There is nothing compared to how you feel when hard work pays off. I always tried to be better, I was always eager to learn new things and to overcome every problem. I intend to do so from now on and to try to be the best in my field no matter how much work it implies.

    I also consider relevant to my development, both as a person and as a professional, my experience with ELSA (European Law Students’ Association). And this is because our educational system is focused on a student’s capacity to study, to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. But by being a part of ELSA I have learned a great deal about life and how to handle various types of situations. It taught me how to be part of a team and how to lead a team, but also how to handle deadlines, negative responses, and lack of time. Volunteer work is hard and I think the most important thing that it teaches you is solidarity, and the fact that you don’t need material reward to be satisfied because the most important reward is the satisfaction you get from a work well done and from being able to help someone, to make a difference.

    I have discovered European Union Law at University. When I applied for this specialization I didn’t know exactly what it was about. The fact is that at that point I didn’t know much of the EU system in general; it was just something that Romania was trying to become a member of. I did read a bit about it before my first year at university but I only got a vague idea about it. As soon as I started to learn about it I found it more and more interesting and as soon as started learning more specific things, I knew this is what I wanted to do, practice European Union Law. I think that it is a big thing that so many different nations could come together by finding a common point of interest and that this lead to a continuous development of the Union. This development concerns not only the constantly growing number of fields in which the Member States decide to come together to find the best solutions in various problems but also to help less developed states.

    In my fourth year European Union and International commercial law and got very fond of them, especially competition law. I think that it has a great importance in society’s development. I didn’t experience communism but living in Romania it’s impossible not to know about it. You hear about it from your parents, grandparents, teachers so it is easy to get a full image about it. Also you can still see its effects today, it’s been over 20 years of capitalism and still there a great deal of reminiscences of the system. So it is easy to compare today’s society with the past one and notice the importance of freedom and fairness.
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    Re: Can I please get some help with my statement of purpose?

    I split it up thank you very much for your answer. I hope now it will be easier. If by any chance you think that something should be left out or if something else should be mentioned please feel free to say so.
    I am really nervous about this letter because I want to follow this program.
    Thank you again

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