I chose commercial law, and especially competition law. I think that it has a great importance in societyís development. I didnít experience communism but living in Romania itís impossible not to know about it. You hear about it from your parents, grandparents, teachers so it is easy to get a full image about it. Also you can still see its effects today, itís been over 20 years of capitalism and still there a great deal of reminiscences of the system. So it is easy to compare todayís society with the past one and notice the importance of freedom and fairness.

When I had realised what I wanted to do, I started to look for a masterís program to fit my interests. There are very few universityís in Romania which have a masterís program on EU law, and even less which have study programmes concerning EU Economic Law. As I couldnít find one in here, I started to look for one abroad. This is how I found Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and learned about this program.

KULís reputation of academic excellence and its resources plays a big role in my decision. I believe that your school and community will help me get out into the world, well prepared/primed and ready to offer my best in the service of others. I see KUL as the best place to prepare myself to fight competently for the advancement of EU Law and for it being correctly applied and followed.

First of all, I like the subjects that are taught and the fact that by learning them I get to know a lot more about EU law. I am especially fond of EU Competition Law so I was happy to see that your institution assigns it a great importance. Itís a great opportunity to learn from people with a great deal of experience in this field, people, who studied these subjects, people who have access to so much information. I think that trough the intensive seminars I will get a chance to meet practitioners and expert who will guide me, who will offer me the possibility of self development in my areas of interest.

Secondly, I like the teaching methods, I think that individual research is extremely important for a law student. I had to do a lot of research for my final paper because it was on a subject which wasnít approached in school. The paper is called ďState Aid in The Financial CrisisĒ, and besides knowing what state aid was I had to do the rest with very little help and very few materials. It was amazing - the more I read, the more I wanted to know. I have learned a lot from this, about the current situation, the EU Commission and Romanian institutions and competition law in general and in the current context.

Last but not least I am excited that I have the possibility of studying in Belgium. I like the culture, the people, the multiculturalism, the fact that itís so close to what EU means. I love the idea of being close to the EU institutions and being in the place where what I am interested in is being created and that one day I could be a part of that. I think that by studying in a multicultural environment will help me better understand the international way of thinking.