As for my future plans I have thought a lot about them and there are so many ways to go. It is hard to say for sure that I will follow one of these paths because it does not depend only on me. It is a little bit hard because there are many things I want to do from helping to create a law to offering my skills to people who feel wronged by the system. I will make a short presentation on the things I would like to do after entering the program.

First I will try to get a position at the EU Commission and work on competition law. I would like to work both in research for elaborating legal documents but also in supervising companies’ conformity to EU competition law. I would like to do this because as much as I like applying the law I think that law itself is extremely important, and that it needs to permanently adapt to our rapidly changing society. I intend to take my bar exam in the fall and after I become a lawyer I would love to work in this position for the Commission or for a Law firm in the area of Competition Law. This way I could participate in law enforcement and also making sure that anyone who tries to break the law will be sanctioned in the appropriate way.

At a certain point, I would like to be able to change something in Romania. This could be done either by working in Romania for the National Council of Competition or by working as a lawyer in this field. At this point, working for the Commission would certainly help me do that. I know that I wouldn’t be the one dictating the rules but I could certainly help in changing something. More on by working for the commission I could help finding solutions appropriate to the common interest of the EU Nations so that there would be equality in applying the law in every state.

I am considering a PhD not faraway in the future. Of course it would be on EU competition law. At this point I think I would like to research the way that competition law is created and enforce both in the EU states but also in other systems of law. By doing this I think I would be able to analyse all the solutions found in every system and to see which are better or even to come up with new solutions to strengthen the competition system so that free trade would be a reality all over the globe. This is because we live in an era of globalization in which relations between different states and their nationals are a day to day commonality and borders are more and more irrelevant.

I think that studying at your University would be the ideal place to start my journey. It would give me a strong foundation of knowledge but also a strong personal development to help me better understands multiculturalism and how it can all come together. Thank you for considering my application.